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There are many reasons to choose dentures. Some of these reasons include lost teeth due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, tooth extraction, and fractured teeth. If you have lost your teeth, call your dentist today and ask how dentures can help you.

As you may already know, dentures are removable teeth that are designed to sit on your gums and jawbone. They are meant for more than talking and eating. Your teeth also keep your jawbone in place to maintain the structure of your bones and muscles.

There is more than one kind of denture to choose from. Conventional dentures are the full set of artificial teeth that fit your gumline and jaw perfectly. Partial dentures are meant to replace a few consecutive missing teeth when you still have natural teeth remaining in your smile. When you wear the appliance, you will place it in the gap of your smile and clasp it to the remaining teeth that lie on both sides, completing your smile.

If you still have questions about dentures and if you would like to see if they will work for you, please contact our office today at 901-758-1000 and schedule an appointment. Let us help you smile with confidence by getting your dentures fitted specifically for you.