Used to prevent tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of your teeth, dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings painted onto your tooth’s enamel. They are most often used on your back teeth (molars), where much of the chewing occurs. Because of their location, these back teeth are hard to clean and are prone to infection and decay. Sealants create a smooth, easy-to-clean surface on the deep grooves and crevices of teeth. In Germantown, Tennessee, dental sealants are applied in just a couple minutes per tooth. Our expert dentist and dental team will clean and dry the tooth before applying a gentle acid solution to create a rough texture on your tooth’s enamel. This allows for an easier bond. The tooth is then cleaned again. Finally, the sealant is placed on the tooth, where it bonds and hardens.

Sealants can last for up to 10 years and are often part of a child’s dental plan. Once sealants are applied, we will regularly check their condition when you visit our office for needed maintenance and repairs. At the office of JC Brown, DDS, we use sealants to ensure that your smile lasts for a lifetime.

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