When tooth decay or damage becomes extensive, crowns may be needed to retain tooth shape, size and function. Dental crowns are caps placed over existing teeth up to the gumline. Crowns are most often used to support a tooth that has received a large filling or as a cosmetic enhancement. At our dental office, we use crowns made of porcelain. Porcelain dental crowns in Germantown, Tennessee, are aesthetically superior and custom made to match your natural smile.

Generally, it takes two appointments at our dental practice to place porcelain crowns. During your first visit, our gentle dentist will take impressions and molds of the tooth that will receive the crown. Along with a thorough examination and other measurements, these molds are sent to a dental laboratory for production. In the meantime, we will prepare the tooth and attach a temporary crown. Once your porcelain crown is made, Dr. Brown will ensure fit and bite, then cement your dental crown into place.

For a longer-lasting, more beautiful smile, consider porcelain crowns as the means to restore your smile. We invite you to call at 901-758-1000 or visit us at JC Brown, DDS, today to learn more about porcelain crowns and set up your appointment.

How To Care for a Temporary Dental Crown

After preparing a tooth for a crown, we send impressions of it to a dental lab, where they will produce the restoration. While you wait for the creation of your crown, you will wear a temporary one that protects your tooth. Here are a few steps you should take to care for this temporary restoration:

  • Avoid caramel, chewing gum, taffy and other chewy, sticky foods and candies because they can pull the temporary crown off of your tooth.
  • Try to avoid chewing food on the side of your mouth that holds the temporary crown.
  • Avoid eating hard foods (like raw vegetables) because they can dislodge your temporary restoration and even break it.
  • When flossing your teeth, slide the thread out from your teeth rather than lifting it up. Lifting the floss out can pull off the temporary crown.
  • If your temporary crown does come off of your tooth, call our office so we can cement it in place once again.