Make Sure to Stock Your First Aid Kits With Essential Oral Care Items

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There are several things that can damage teeth and traumatize soft oral tissues. A blow to the mouth during sports or unaddressed bad oral habits are just two of the more common causes of oral trauma.

Stocking some simple oral care items in all your first aid kits can help you be prepared to administer essential first aid in the case of an oral emergency. This can help manage any immediate discomfort while you seek treatment from a dentist like Dr. Jackie Brown.

Waxed dental floss can be helpful for removing a fragment of tough food particles that is stuck between teeth or trapped in the gumline. The special coating of wax can help you to insert the strand without having to force it and potentially risk further harm to your gums.

If a tooth is knocked out whole and kept alive while you seek emergency treatment, it might be safely implanted back into the socket. Keeping a canister of tooth-preservation gel in your first aid kit can help keep the tooth alive. It contains a specially formulated Hanks Balanced Salt Solution that will keep the tooth and any attached periodontal tissues alive.

Keeping some simple salt packets and a collapsible cup in each of your first aid kits can also be helpful for preparing a saltwater rinse. A small tube of oral analgesic could also help to numb traumatized soft oral tissues and teeth while you seek professional treatment.

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